Global Payment Hub

Global Payment Hub

Employee and Pension payments made simple


Global Payment Hub makes multiple payments simple, are you paying salaries, pensions, expenses, allowances, bonuses or any other payment? Then let the Global Payment Hub generate compatible payment files for upload to your banking and payments service.

Choice of payments

User defined payment types and configurations


Batch payees by payment group, storing individuals bank details and payment preferences. With an intuitive and flexible tool you can upload payments of any type. Using the payment configurator, easily specify source bank accounts to make your local or global payments.

Easy maintenance

Current bank details


With employee bank accounts being maintained by employees via the employee portal, from HR,  pensions feed or by direct user management. Effective dates ensures the most recent account details are always used for payments.

Payment flexibility

Tailored to each employee


We hold the banking identification information required for every jurisdiction, alternatively beneficiary templates can be used. Employee payment preferences include options for split payments, fixed exchange rates, instructed and equivalent amounts.

Enterprise Security

ISO 27001 accredited

Governed by strict user privileges and role segregation, isolating account management and payment file creation. Recording the history of each and every employee payment and payment file creation, permanent audit logs allow traceability of all updates.

Any Bank

Working with your banking partner


All banks utilising the ISO 20022 XML standard or those that can accept a CSV upload file. IPPEX’s Global Payment Hub offers the flexibility to support your chosen payments partner. Please complete our contact form and share your payment requirements.

ISO 20022 Standard

Embracing global standards

Global Payment Hub delivers payment files to the ISO 20022 standard for credit transfers. The Primary Payment Market Infrastructures are migrating services to meet the ISO 20022 standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) have embraced ISO 20022, initiating the adoption of the Pain.001 credit transfer standard. Our clients are already using these standards and working with some of the worlds leading banks who have adopted the ISO 20022 standard.

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