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Delivering global payroll technology and service innovation

Building solutions for payroll teams

Building solutions for payroll teams

IPPEX Global is your gateway to solving all your payroll requirements, combining managed service with our industry leading technology. Delivering a truly collaborative environment linking your client functions, your employees and the global payroll service team. All our service offerings are based on the IPPEX Cloud platform, supporting SOX controls, ISAE 3402 requirements and meeting your GDPR policy and procedural compliance.

Global Payroll Hub

Global Payroll Hub

Configure your managed service

Global Payroll Hub’s managed service links a network of accounting firms providing local knowledge and a breadth of services to deliver on your payroll, tax and financial requirements. Spanning 140 countries with scalable services for single employee payrolls to enterprise organisations.

Global Payment Hub

Global Payment Hub

Payments made simple

One place to initiate any employee, contractor or statutory payment. Global Payment Hub makes multiple payments simple, whether you are paying salaries, pensions, expenses, allowances, bonuses or any other payment. Let the Global Payment Hub generate compatible payment files for upload to your banking or payment service.

Global Employee Hub

Global Employee Hub

Connecting with your employees

Timely and centralised delivery of all your employee payroll communications. E-payslip distribution and storage, employee documents, queries and detail change requests.



Payroll service innovation

Technology that is built in, not bolted on, designed to meet current and future needs of the global payroll market. A single integrated platform providing a collaborative environment for all participants in the payroll process whilst creating a secure boundary around your PII data. Payroll operations management, data management, business intelligence and employee portal combine clients and provider functions.

IPPEX Global serves over 100 multi-national companies in key sectors

IPPEX Global serves over 100 multi-national companies in key sectors

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