About IPPEX Global

With a wealth of operational experience serving fortune 500 businesses through to smaller multinational organisations, IPPEX Global delivers payroll and payment services to businesses with global portfolios. Our vision is to continually push the boundaries whilst reducing cost and improve services through process and technology innovation, bringing our clients closer to the service delivery functions.

Graham Harrop and Kevin Tonner founders of IPPEX Global have worked together for over a decade developing global payroll software and services solutions for international organisations and the provider market. Drawing upon our respective three decades of working in leadership positions in both fortune 100 corporates and small business environments we have built a company tuned to the needs of our international clients. Our goal is to simplify processes and to create a best of breed shared environment for our clients, their employees and local provider organisations.

IPPEX continually strive to support innovation and efficiency in the way we and our clients deliver global payrolls. Reaching a balance between common processes with the necessity of delivering on the detailed requirements of every jurisdiction. Our success of serving over 100 international companies has come from our responsiveness to the needs of these businesses.

The concept of the Global Payroll Hub is to connect through our service your organisation with the talent and expertise of a network of partners in each country. We mould our service to the profile of your business and exploit the breadth of functionality from our market leading global payroll platform IPPEX Cloud.