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Security Awareness

A security evaluation will protect your business from data breaches and security threats.
Analysing your business

We will work with your organisation to gain a thorough understanding of your security standards and guidelines. By studying your organisation and your partner’s processes, systems and people involved, we will identify the risk areas and report back our findings and recommendations.


Working with your team and third parties, we will structure a change management plan to implement specific changes to your working practices or systems in order to address the areas of risk. Where needed, we will project manage the changes.

Time to test

On completion of the implementation, the new arrangements need to be documented and tested.  Iterative changes may need to be performed in order to reach a conclusive position. Final approval must be sought from your security counsel.

Third party audits

Your payroll processes are largely dependent on the practices and processes of third parties, many of whom have pursued and gained ISO and ISAE accreditations. Often there is a gap between the standard and common practice within these organisations. With your approval we can investigate perceived areas of risk in your provider partners and form a plan to close that accreditation gap.

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