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Delivering Success

Managing your global payroll project to a successful conclusion
Project office

The scale and complexity of your payroll project will determine the level and structure of the PMO (project office). We will establish the framework for the PMO or provide payroll deployment knowledge or expirtese to the PMO

Project management

The project plan brings together your resources, the partner resources, the desired delivery schedule, constraints and dependencies. Combining our knowledge of payroll preparation and parallel processing requirements with your team’s experience of running existing payrolls will enable us to establish a project plan which is low risk and achievable.

Project governance

We have developed a governance status reporting process which ensures that all of the key stakeholders are kept informed. The communications will either be on an exceptions basis or to a detailed level for items requiring executive decision.

Change Management

Changing payroll provider often impacts processes more than originally thought, adding further risk to a project. Through understanding your payroll project we can pinpoint areas of change management. We will work with your team to analyse each area of change and help map a new way of working.

Minimising project risk

Our project management process and governance constantly maintains a RAID (risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies) log for the duration of the entire project. We ensue that any aspect that will impact the future deliverables are carefully managed, controlled and mitigated

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