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Procurement Recipe

Best ingredients to secure a successful vendor selection
How is it done today?

Analytical review of your current payroll environment including people, process, suppliers and outcomes. Our methodology facilitates an independent assessment highlighting the level of positive impact that any changes may have on your business.

Learning from others

Global payroll projects can introduce high levels of risk to your payroll operations.  Learning from other clients about different delivery models and experiences of their suppliers is vitally important to assessing your delivery plan. We will share our knowledge of providers and make introductions in order to accelerate your learning process.

Obtaining your project goals

We will help your organisation define the project goals focusing on the outcomes, organisation, process change and how this project supports the overall business agenda. Resulting in a plan which will demonstrate a return on investment which will strengthen any business case.

Securing resources and getting buy in

Most projects are dependent on scarce resources within the business; defining and naming the project team and key contributors will help ensure the organisation has the capability to successfully deliver. Additionally, we will lead a project risk assessment highlighting the gaps and variables which will affect the delivery of the project.

Mandate execution

Seeking a mandate and executive sponsorship requires a compelling business case that will compete with the conflicting project pressures across a global business. Our goal is to help the team construct a business plan that has a measureable impact on the business and leads to a strong, convincing return on investment. It has to also demonstrate that the project is achievable and will be delivered on time and to budget.

Setting your strategy and vision

A weak statement of work will lead to a poor procurement. Our process and templates define the future scope by payroll, forming the basis of the RFP. With a finely detailed description of each payroll’s processing requirements the capability of a future payroll provider can be assessed.

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