Global payroll, process and compliance software


IPPEX Cloud treats every payroll individually and collectively. Tasks are grouped to give a global completion status and performance analysis, at the same time constructed to hold the detailed information to complete the process for a specific payroll and country.


Our innovative solution has been developed specifically for multi-payroll and global payroll environments. The payroll leadership team is constantly informed and in control of the progress of each payroll through a dashboard and notifications.

Reporting on the completion statistics and KPIs over a period of time enables process improvement.


IPPEX Cloud has been designed to support the collaboration between a global payroll operation, their colleagues in departments such as HR, Finance or Compensation, and their provider partners. The issue management tool supports the resolution process of payroll related problems and variances, enabling a secure interaction between two parties.

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TASKS: Delivering outcomes

Workflow, managing your payroll processing. Supporting regular, expat and pension payrolls with additional off-cycle, quarter and year end tasks.

ISSUES: Solving problems

Secure multi-channel issue management. Enabling swift interdepartmental or external partner issue resolution.

REMINDERS: Nothing forgotten

Capturing future activities, the adjustments and special requirements by date and payroll

NOTES: Sharing best practice

Recording events and lessons learnt associated with running your payroll.