Global payroll, process and compliance software


IPPEX Cloud combines payroll management at the corporate level with the distribution of documents at the employee level. Allowing the creation of electronic as well as hardcopy print options for the generation and delivery of payslips and other employment-related information.


Integrating the functionality of a corporate intranet with employee self-service facilities. Employers and employees can upload and access all payroll-related data at any time, creating and permanently storing documents such as year-end tax reporting, historic payslips, sickness and holiday forms, as well as more substantial documents such as staff handbooks.

IPPEX’s e-payslips is the perfect cost-saving solution for companies that operate with a variety of providers. It is compatible with all established payroll software there is no need to make costly changes to multiple systems and can be implemented immediately. The e-payslip platform delivers a consistent corporate experience to all your employees whilst complying with the statutory payroll requirements necessary in each country.


The employee portal’s query management system allows employee to communicate with payroll staff via a dedicated and secure messaging system.

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E-PAYSLIPS: Centralised global experience

Employee centric e-slips and annual declarations for all payrolls and employees on any device.


DOCUMENTS: Employee communications

Distribution of information to all or selected employees, receiving forms and data from employees.

QUERIES: Handling employee questions

One system for triaging and managing employee questions from your global workforce.