Global payroll, process and compliance software


Your organisation will undoubtedly have established processes and systems to store your data, IPPEX provides a fully integrated payroll operations management system, which compliments existing services and assists your business to comply with GDPR regulations.


IPPEX makes the process of securely managing personal information and documents simple. Our file system auto-generates document exchange folders and working areas for each payroll and pay period. The IPPEX Cloud security model enforces best practice whilst supporting your existing information  access policy ensuring your users have appropriate access to files and information based on their payroll user group membership and privileges.

Our innovative data model delivers a platform for process automation. Catering for the needs of any jurisdiction, the system collates payroll changes data and per period payments from multiple systems.


Then allowing post-processing gross to net data to retain localised pay element information whilst allowing the assignment to global pay element groups for multi-payroll consolidated reporting spanning any time period.


IPPEX Cloud allows you to easily manage, exchange and store all of your payroll date in a secure and GDPR compliant manner.

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DATA: Structured Information

A single platform for all your payroll data, pre-processing changes and post-processing results supporting local and global pay elements.

INTEGRATION: Load and go

Automated flexible upload with configurable outputs for all employee and pay data,  driving your local payroll process.

FILES: Secure document exchange

Integrated file storage and document exchange, auto-generated for all payrolls and all pay periods, enabling easy collaboration between payroll teams, internal departments and third parties.