Global payroll, process and compliance software


Data is a valuable asset, how it is exploited by users varies enormously depending on individual responsibility. IPPEX are focused on enabling finance, treasury, payroll and HR to utilise the wealth of information within your global payrolls. We have taken the information from each and every payroll transaction and have combine this with organisational information to enhance its value.


Payroll analytics plays a vital role in supporting businesses during tactical and strategic operational, budgeting and growth planning.

IPPEX analysis and reporting seamlessly facilitates the creation of GL journals and banking files.


Local pay elements can be reported in any language and consolidated into pay groups, enhancing the understanding of your data. Information exports allow greater synchronisation with your HCM systems.

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CONSOLIDATION: Global analytics

Delivering meaningful business intelligence through visualising your global payroll data.


RESULTS: Pay period reporting

Configurable reporting, delivering pay period data in your chosen format, with period by period changes and variance outputs.

FINANCE: Journals and payments

General ledger journals with organisational structure coding. Structure payment files to for your bulk payment systems.