Fresh ideas

IPPEX Global was born out of the belief that the global payroll market has a level of complacency with limited options and lack of innovation.  We are here to challenge the dynamics, to ensure clients receive a global payroll service that meets the needs of both delivery and compliance but also offers a competitive long term solution.

Our fresh ideas are based on experiences of dealing with a wide variety of companies who have searched for the right provider relationships.

We focus on two distinct areas, technology and security for the payroll sector whilst providing innovation through process and software solutions in support of organisations seeking a new payroll provider relationship.

Preparation is the key to any successful project and with many payroll projects completed we give guidance through the selection and implementation process and work together to impart our fresh ideas and lessons learned.

IPPEX Procurement preparation

Procurement Recipe

Best ingredients to secure a successful vender selection.
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Smart Decisions

Informed and inspired partnering for a long term global payroll solution.
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IPPEX Procurement Decisions

IPPEX Project Management

Delivering Success

Managing your global payroll project to a successful conclusion.
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Process innovation

Enhancing your payroll process enabling your team to work smarter and more efficiently.
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IPPEX Process Improvement

IPPEX Security Awareness

Security Awareness

A security evaluation will protect your business from data breaches and security threats.
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Understanding GDPR

Preparing your organisation for the EU General Data Protection Regulations.
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Understanding EU GDPR

Payroll Leadership

Adaptive leadership

Maintaining a dynamic leadership style.

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