About IPPEX Global

With a wealth of operational experience serving fortune 500 businesses through to smaller multinational organisations, IPPEX Global delivers technology, independent consulting, payroll and financial services to businesses with global portfolios.  


IPPEX Global ensures that our financial and payroll technology delivers an excellent return on investment for your business. With a background of operating a global payroll services business and ERP consulting services, our leadership team have focused on creating a shared services environment that benefits the client and provider.  


IPPEX Cloud offers a one stop shop for all your financial and payroll operations functions, supporting virtual or physical shared services operations. Integrating the client’s processes with third party service partners who deliver auditing, tax advice and statutory payroll processing.  


Through our consulting services we help businesses to manage, own and deliver domestic and international payrolls. IPPEX Global provides accounting, audit and payroll services through  delivery partners who integrate their service with the IPPEX Cloud solution.

To learn more about IPPEX Global or to discuss your requirements please contact IPPEX Global.